Mark DiMarco

UI Developer at Bazaarvoice

D3.js Animated Map Visualization


To create your own visualization like this, check out my project Datamaps.

When you walk into Bazaarvoice’s office in Austin, TX, you can’t miss a giant screen in the main lobby displaying some interesting metrics regarding our business.

Part of that display is an SVG map of the world using D3.js (♥ d3.geo), and all day long we’re watching it connect the people that ask questions on our client’s sites to the people that answer them.

The visualization we made takes a series of data, including the time and geolocations of the questioners and answerers. I animate an arc connecting to connect the two points.

Drawing a world map in D3.js:

Grab the world data json data here

D3.js allows us to use pure latitude/longitude coordinates the entire time. From drawing the map to pinpointing the location of the users, we never have to figure out the X/Y coordinates on the map. Major win.

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